Butoh Camp

Chiang Mai /Thailand 2020

Akita/ Japan 2019

Padangpandjang/ Indonesia 2019

Tokyo/Japan 2019

Pattaya/ Thailand 2018

Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia  2018

"It was one of the most memorable intensive experience with Butoh for me.

In 2018, I get to join Asia Butoh Tree's Butoh camp at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia. It was my first experience with Butoh camp, which I get to learn more than just Butoh in that camp.

It's also about discipline, an exploration of my own mind and some connectivity between human kind. In this camp I have made a lot of new friends with different cultures, different backgrounds, different languages and different accent. This part also a big thing to me during the training that made me see it more clearly how dance can connect people through language and cultural barrier.

You may not understand what other people say when they use the language you don't know. But when they dance or move, you definitely can feel or sense something.

Dance or movement is one of the human's deepest and purest forms of communication. This is what I believe.

And Butoh help me dug into myself more deeply and armed me with more understanding of my own tools, the body."

- Review by Ariya T.

First visit to Malaysia.
First Butoh dance camp.
First time met members.

People who have different nationality and back ground,
we gathered share a point common of the Butoh.

Communication with the body and expression, not words.
The impression that I was able to keep up with the flow of sense more than usual.

Same Asian but, It was very interesting to see and hide the characteristics of the country.
I could feel the atmosphere of the traditional dance of that country.
with respect for personal freedom.
A feel few different from the work done only by Japanese people.
It is difficult to put the difference into words.

I remember well "Francisco Bacon" we created faces movement from the picture.
Bacon work was already learning from other leaders, but Yuko's explanation was easy to grasp.
And the strange face of learn seriously people were so strange. I like.
also, this work was took away member's tension and walls.

The work in heritage building lush greenery was very special.
Of course training, cooking, swimming, art and feces of bats are all nice experience.
I look forward to the future growth growth growths…

- Review by Maki Tojo



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