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Asia Butoh Tree's Butoh Camp

Asia Butoh Tree's Butoh Camp is a camp that gathers participants from countries in Asia with different backgrounds and with their own unique customs and traditions participants will live and eat together while learning about each other's culture. 

Up until now, we have been conducting Hijikata's Butoh style Butoh camp in various countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

This time the camp will be in Ugomachi, Akita. Akita is the birthplace of Hijikata and Ugomachi is where Hijikata's photo book has been stored [KAMAITACHI].

You can feel a lot of emotions from this place where the scenery of old Japan remains.

Like what Hijikata experienced, we’ll receive inspiration from this land and take on the challenge to apply Hijikata’s technique in dancing. 

Food is also one of the enjoyments at Butoh Tree’s Butoh Camp. We will have food cooked by local and cook food together as collaboration of many different cultures. 

We’ll be waiting for your participation!

Date: 5th September 2019 (Wed) - 8th September 2019 (Sun)

Place: Akita Ugo Machi “ Wakasugi”


(1) Butoh basic training “The body that knows oneself.”

“The body that knows oneself” is 

“Body that knows oneself” refer to physical body that has sharpened sense, sense that can be grabbed instantly. “Body that knows oneself” is one of the important elements in Butoh. 

(2) Butoh workshop “Time”

- Relationship between Time and Space 

- Manipulating Time

- Thinking about Time with Hijikata inside 

(3) Visit to the Kamaitachi Art Museum, where Hijikata and Eiko Hosoe collaborated and created the photo book [KAMAITACHI]. We can feel the origin of the idea of butoh there and find your Butoh.


Yuko Kawamoto (Shinonome Butoh)


1) Participation fees of 15,000 Yen

2) Accommodation and meals (local estimation at around 20,000 - 25,000 yen)

3) Round trip by JR Ou Main line,Yuzawa sta.

Access from Tokyo:

1) Akita Shinkansen Komachi  / JR Tokyo sta.→ JR Omagari sta.→ JR Ou Main line,Yuzawa sta.

2) Yamagata Shinkansen Tsubasa / JR Tokyo sta. →JR Shinjyo sta. →JR Ou Main line, Yuzawa sta.

3) Express bus Bus Terminal Basta Shinjuku → Yokote sta. → JR Ou Main line, Yuzawa sta.

Accommodation before September 4th can be offered (accommodation fee is seperated)

Apply/Contact to:

tel: 03-6458-5908 


[Organizer] Shinonome Butoh

[Cooperation] Non profit organization Kamaitachi

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